Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas at 'Millie Creek'

'Millie Creek' near Barraba NSW was the sheep grazing property of great-grandparents Jacob and Elizabeth Brodbeck. It was here where their children were born and a number of their children were married. It was the heart of the family.

Here's some shots of Christmas at 'Millie Creek' and picnics and tennis matches showing our grandparents' generation as young and vibrant (and demons with a tennis racquet!)

Millie Creek
Millie Creek
Picnic on Millie Creek
The table is set

Wedding of Harry Nott and Selina (Louie) Brodbeck
Harry Nott hits the tennis court

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The start of it all....

Introducing the Killion and Nott Family History blog

Well, it seems like you don't exist these days unless you're blogging. I've resisted to this point but have taken the plunge mostly because I want to share the family history with you. Afterall, after nearly 40 years of dealing with dead people, it's probably time I started talking to some live ones! 

I thought the best first entry would be to explain how my interest in the family history started. So, once upon a time.......

How did it all start?

It was the May school holidays in 1977. Mum (Shirley Killion nee Nott), Dad (Gordon Killion) and I travelled from Sydney to Lismore, as was tradition, to stay with Mum's mother, Lou Nott (Selina Louisa Nott born Brodbeck). 

It was one night during that stay with Nana. Mum and I were sitting in the loungeroom of '71' (71 Avondale Avenue). Mum opened up a tin of Quality Street chocolates - but it wasn't full of chocolates but old family photos. 

In amongst the collection were these two of Nana's parents:

Elizabeth Brodbeck nee Stieger (1864-1920)
Jacob Brodbeck (1859-1936)

I distinctly remember it was these two photos that Mum showed me and that caused some sort of curiosity on my part to want to learn more about these people - who they were, where they lived and what did they do. Mum told me that they owned a property called 'Millie Creek' near Barraba NSW and Nana spent her youth having a wonderful time playing tennis and having picnics etc. I needed to know more!

And then.....

From that moment in May, I became intrigued and so it was inevitable that in the August school holidays, Mum, Dad and I travelled to Barraba to see what we could find out! 

From Tamworth one evening, we rang the first Brodbecks at Barraba from the phone book. This turned out to be Ted and Eileen Brodbeck in Henry Street - Ted was one of Nana's first cousins. 

We visited them and they were so helpful referring to people with odd names like 'Gudlip' and 'Christy'. They took us on a 'tour' of the cemetery and to 'Millie Creek' (now called 'Calamondah') which was then owned by Mrs Muriel Crowley.

Here's a travel diary entry of mine from the time as well as some snaps of that memorable trip!

Mum leaving Ted and Eileen Brodbeck's house - Ted & Eileen in the background

'Millie Creek' now Calamondah

Grave of Jacob and Elizabeth Brodbeck

And the rest is history! I haven't stopped delving into the Brodbecks and all the German families of Barraba we are related to and, despite Mum's lack of enthusiasm, I also started research on Dad's side of the family in the late 1970s early 1980s.

It's been a passion and lifelong interest and one which I hope to share with you without ending up boring you!