Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas at 'Millie Creek'

'Millie Creek' near Barraba NSW was the sheep grazing property of great-grandparents Jacob and Elizabeth Brodbeck. It was here where their children were born and a number of their children were married. It was the heart of the family.

Here's some shots of Christmas at 'Millie Creek' and picnics and tennis matches showing our grandparents' generation as young and vibrant (and demons with a tennis racquet!)

Millie Creek
Millie Creek
Picnic on Millie Creek
The table is set

Wedding of Harry Nott and Selina (Louie) Brodbeck
Harry Nott hits the tennis court

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  1. Interesting to see the military portrait on the wall in 'The table is set' (reminding us that we need to look very carefully at the background in our old photos).